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Mobile Gym

To get you a much needed workout, we will come to you. With a mobile gym that has enough weights and equipment to train up to 12 people, you will reach your goal without having to go to the gym.

Mobile Gym at the nearest park - LR Performance Fitness

Personal Training or Group Training at Home or Park

If you…

Do not like gyms?
Want something more convenient?
Feeling intimidated at gyms?

Don’t worry— there’s a way.

We Now Come to you so you can
train at your home or nearest park

With our mobile gym, you will…

Have privacy at your home or nearest park

Never feel intimidated like at gym

Access to program designed for the individual or group

Train when you want

Work with a top trainer to hold you accountable

Invite close friends for fun and motivation

Use great equipment for a much-needed workout

What Is Functional Strength Training
What We Can Do


From AU$22.50

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