Get Going Program

Lose weight, become fitter & stronger

The ‘Get Going’ program is a 12-week full emersion program that shows you everything you need to get back into the best shape of your life.

We show you the four big components that will get you in shape but most of all stay in shape.

Under the supervision of our top trainers, we will be your guide to achieving life changing results.

WE cover our four pillars:



Four Pillars - Nutrition | Programs



Our Mission

Our mission is to help normal people with their fitness journey, we want our clients to enjoy the journey and not hate every minute of it. 

We are after results for our clients. With this program and support from us you are on way to becoming the happiest, healthiest version of you. 

These are flexible training plans too, we understand people are busy and have priorities.

What We Do Not Do

We don’t believe in deprivation or restriction when it comes to food groups. Our balanced approach to eating ensures you’re reaching your nutrient targets while still enjoying all the good stuff like burgers, ice-cream, pizza and pasta!

We also do not just put you into a training program that will leave you tired and disappointed.

We truly believe in mastering training movements and having a clear progression to follow to reduce the risk of injury and to be able to maintain training forever.

Individually Customized

We know that everybody is different and one-size-fits-all approach to health just isn’t realistic, or sustainable. Our coaches create every client’s game plan based on their individual preferences, dietary requirements and health goals which can include fat loss, weight maintenance and muscle gain.

Our Program Includes:

Assessment on movement and body composition

Consultation to create gameplan

2x Personal training, custom program for your individual needs

Personalized nutrition plan

Personalized gameplay for the journey

1:1 coaching with our team of trainers to optimise your journey

Weekly check-ins for your accountability

Individual program for flexibility/mobility and breathing

Unlimited group sessions

Personal Training

3 x 30 min personal training sessions with Luke

Mindset/Goal Setting

Group Classes

2 group classes per week

Nutrition Plan

Skinfold/Body Composition

Training Plan

How Does It Work



Call us to discuss what your goals are.


Create a Gameplan

We create an individual gameplan to reach your goals, we use the LR Performance system of Mindset, training and nutrition.


Execute Gameplan

Execute gameplan with the help and guidance of LR performance fitness and with our three systems.



We achieve our goal.

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