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Hi, I'm Luke

I am passinate about helping people reach their fitness goals.

My Story

I truly believe being in great shape impacts your life more then people think. My passion is to help people reach their full potential in their fitness journey.

If you want to lose weight, become stronger, fitter or just get out of bed without being sore we have to have a plan to reach your goals.

With so much information on the internet and so many people throwing different programs out it is hard to know what works. I developed my program from learning from the best, I played 14 years of professional rugby and was taught everything from mindset, training, nutrition, mobility/flexibilty and recovery.

Luke Rooney - Health & Fitness Coach

I have also trained clients for 7 years and have experienced what works and what does not. I developed our 4 pillars MINDSET/TRAINING/NUTRITION/RECOVERY because I know this formula works. It does not matter if you have never trained or your a season pro.

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